GeneRal Event RULEZ

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GeneRal Event RULEZ

Post by (mK)MaRgArEt on Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:42 pm

Hereby the general rules for most events.

[NOTE] Some rules change at some events, info about that will be found on the event

1. No deathmatching.
2. No arresting, suspecting or cuffing.
3. No healing.
4. No robbing.
5. No cheating.
6. No vehicle spawning. (!getcar)

On DM events, do not start shooting untill the admin says so.

On many events you will be asked to get a civilian skin.
You will be teleported to the event ASAP, please do not spam us.
If your health is low we will refill it, just be patient.

While hosting an event most of the admins are busy, so be patient, we are doing our best to give you a nice event.

Information about the event will be given in the topic / at the beginning of the event.

Breaking the rules or disturbing the event will result in a punishment, to be decided by the admin.
If you break any rule, you are automatically disqualified.

Follow the rules and have fun at the events.


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